The maintenance carried out on an on-going basis will add to the value of the property and may also be in your favour when selling the property, especially when compared to similar properties which have not been treated with loving care.  This should be reflected in the asking price.

The maintenance programme can range from simple tasks like cleaning the windows and gutters, keeping the garden in order through to more time consuming tasks that would be carried out at intervals of two to three years such as painting the entire premises inside and out. Some tasks can be carried out quite easily, while others will be costly and may require a professional tradesman.

Intervals for maintenance

  • painting – 3 to 4 years

  • plumbing – boiler service gas or oil – yearly

  • electrical rewire – 30 years approx. – but check at shorter intervals

  • intruder alarm system – depending on the size once or twice per year

  • insulation in the attic area – deteriorates over a number of years therefore it is cost effective to check this every 10 years or so.


Some of these tasks will require to be carried out at different intervals than those above, depending on the local environment and other outside influences, timelines are for guidelines only.

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