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I put out the question recently looking for any guest bloggers who would be of benefit to our users here at Trade Finder Direct and we are happy to have received the first article which was written and supplied by Daniel Slevin. 

Daniel is managing director of has worked on many major domestic residential projects for the last twelve years both here in Ireland and across Europe. It is from his experiences over the years that Daniel has developed this new and revolutionary service for the Irish market specifically. are a fully independent company with no affiliations to any property repair, maintenance or insulation companies. This ensures completely unbiased reporting on your behalf.

Our home inspection and energy audit reports will give an honest evaluation of any defects found in your home, giving you a clear view of the best way to deal with any problems found. Call the best Irish home inspection company today to see what we can do for you.




Keep the warmth in and the cold out with SNUGHOME.IE

Are you puzzled about your high energy bills? Do you often feel unexplainable draughts in your home?
If you answered yes to either of the above you probably need to assess where your home is losing heat. A large part of the expensive energy generated and used in your home can be wasted due to insufficient insulation and poor sealing around construction components
There is a brand new service being offered by They can give your home a comprehensive home energy audit, heat loss analysis and a quality assurance check of installed insulation.
Snughome use state of the art sophisticated infrared technology which will high light any heat or energy losses from your home and pin point areas where your home needs insulation or repair. These cameras can detect a change in temperature of as little as 0.02 of a degree Celsius. Infrared/Thermal Imaging cameras are used by NASA, CIA, FBI and Scotland Yard.

E.g. of an Infrared/Thermal image showing missing Insulation in a sloping ceiling.

These state of the art cameras along with a desk top and custom designed software enable Snughome to produce professional non-biased report on the condition of your home. Although clichés the camera really doesn’t lie, and while a picture tells a thousand words an infrared/thermal image tells many many more.
The Infrared/Thermal imaging camera will pin point where your home is losing/leaking valuable heat energy. Snughome will help you slash the cost of your home heating fuel bills, helping you save money, energy and thus the environment
How Infrared Thermography works
Simply Infrared Thermography, enables us to see and measure heat. All materials on earth emit heat energy in the infrared portion of the spectrum. Unfortunately, the unaided human eye cannot see in the infrared portion of the spectrum, Thermographic or thermal images allow the user to see thermally revealing anomalies that the trained thermographer can identify as problems in buildings and their components. Points of possible concern show up clearly in colourful easy to understand images as hot or cold in relation to their surroundings   

Location of leaks.
Find and check tubes and pipes for leaks. Even when pipes are laid under floor or behind plaster, the heat of the pipes radiates through the surface and can be easily detected with an infrared camera. The exact location of leaks or cracks can be detected without damage to fixtures.

Eg of an Infrared/Thermal image highlighting where heat is escaping.

Heat losses, and air leaks are instantly visible on colourful, easy to understand thermal images. By visualising areas of energy loss, faulty locations are easily located, allowing measures to be taken to remedy the problems

E.g. of an Infrared/Thermal image showing missing Insulation in a sloping ceiling.

Buying a Home?
Ensure your prospective home is free of dangerous or potentially expensive defects, it could save you thousands. Infrared/Thermal imaging inspections by Trained Snughome inspectors are a powerful and non invasive means of monitoring and diagnosing the condition of your prospective home. We can help prevent costly mistakes in buying property with hidden problems. Infrared Thermography quickly identifies problem areas in a property that can’t be seen by the naked eye and eliminates older more costly inspection techniques that require lots of labour and destructive probing.
Building Inspection (BER) VS Thermal Imaging
Recently I was asked “what’s the difference between a building inspection (BER) and a thermal imaging inspection?”
Both a building inspector and a certified Thermographer play very important roles in the process of buying a home. The difference is that a certified thermal imaging camera operator can find a leak and see signs of what’s happening behind walls floors and ceilings.
The above picture is an example of what we mean: Thermal imaging cameras detect temperature differences on any given surface, we then know where the problem starts and finishes. Do you really think a building inspector is going to be able to visually see where the insulation starts and finishes behind plaster? With a thermal imaging camera, we can detect such problems very quickly.


Thanks to Daniel for this valuable information, to contact him his number is 0877781444 or check out



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