Buying And Selling Property

When buying a property, whether a new build or second hand, whether you are a first time buyer or are trading up, your goal should be to obtain the property of your choice in the best possible location for your needs, at the best possible price. If you’er trading down you’ll have a whole different set of needs. Grants may be available to upgrade the insulation and heating under the SEAI Home Heating Energy Scheme.


When purchasing a second hand property bear in mind the condition of the premises:

  • will it require any renovations

  • will it need to be rewired

  • does it need a new heating system or a new boiler

  • will there be stamp duty to be paid  

  • are these renovations purely cosmetic or a necessity

  • what is the age of the property

  • has it been renovated already

Other items to review during your inspection may include

  • conditions of windows and doors – level of natural light

  • size of garden

  • side entrance

  • parking – on street or secured


When selling a property the main goal of yours is to make the most of the property in order to achieve the best possible price.  If you have a maintenance programme in operation then the work required to get the premises ship shape will be minimal.

Before you call in the estate agents, tidy up and make the most of the premises, this is your chance to “sell” the property to the agent.  Remember that first impressions count, and if the agent gets to see the property at its best it will make their job a lot easier to sell your property on to other interested parties. 

Top tip, instead of having clutter on your kitchen counter tops, leave a large platter/dish of fresh fruit.  Not only will it bring a bright, colourful aspect to your kitchen, it will look good in the estate agents photos, as will some fresh flowers. 

If you have any tips for others selling their property from your own experience, why not share them here!

The BER (Building Energy Rating certificates) came into effect in January 2009 for second hand homes, this had been already in place for new homes.  We have an article which details this in greater depth by Denise Cooke of Going Green Consultants in our news page, the article answers some questions poised on the subject. Article on BER Certs, Building Energy Rating Certificates.


Buying and selling homes and holiday homes abroad.

Buying and selling abroad is a completely different matter than buying & selling in Ireland, we will be launching a section on this subject in the near future, any submissions or articles that cover this matter would be gratefully received.

We will also include a section for handymen abroad, so if you have any sites or experiences of this nature please share them with us.

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