Are you planning to carry out a construction job and would you like to get advice from qualified tradesmen to help you get the most of your DIY,  then you can get advice here at Trade Finder Direct.

Planning your renovation or building project.
The A to Z about your building or DIY project from planning permission to interior design can be found here Your Project.

If your into DIY but would like some expert guidance from fully qualified experienced local tradesmen in a particular area follow you can find some help within these pages.  Should you have any hints or tips or even a funny story that occurred during your DIY tasks we would be delighted to hear from you.

You can find a list of ideas for intervals for Property Maintenance from having your boiler serviced to recommended intervals for checking the wiring of your premises here.

Buying selling and first time buyers.
Our First Time Buyers section has some information which is relevant for today’s first timer buyer whether buying new or secondhand.  There is a lot to consider when Buying & Selling Property it can also be a stressful time, help is at hand with our tips.

When you have bought your dream home you may need to have some Snagging and snag lists carried out.

Latest news.
Trade Finder Direct News has a listing of upcoming events that will be of interest to homeowners, plus exhibitions that are being held around the country, we will also be happy to list your event if it is related to houses, property or similar type of business as is covered by our site.

Our goals.
We wish for this site to be easy to use, accessible by all, we have set ourselves this goal and will work hard to achieve this aim, please let us know if we have reached your expectations.

Should you have any question or require a quote on any particular aspect of building and renovation for your home please Contact Us.

Allowing you to make contact with experienced and qualified tradesmen, from groundworkers, plumbers, carpenters, plastering contractors and electricians - through to tilers, roofers, painters and decorators and interior designers. Subcontractors that are ready to answer your building questions. Providing a wealth of knowledge to help with your home construction projects whether you employ a builder or independent contractors. Alternative options which allow you to project manage yourself with the use of direct labour. Helpful hints and tips for homeowners and anyone buying and selling property, event listing and news features.